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how fresh orange juice can make you healthy

fresh orange juice

  Today a lot of energy drinks are available in market .all of these drinks proclaim that they are very healthy and useful for human body but the truth is that only natural juices are pure source for providing proteins and vitamins to human body. in this article i will ...

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New features in google android marshmallow 6.0

feature image

in this article i will tell you the about the latest google android version which is marshmallow.there are some features of google android marshmallow which made it most unique and prominent.although other android operating system are also best at their side but google added some new features in android marshmallow ...

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How to use VPN


Nowadays there is a problem of  some websites which are not opening or either they are blocked in some countries. But users wants to get access to that websites and for getting access to blocked sites VPN is used. VPN stands for virtual private network which helps to open the ...

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convert to mp3


People searches for different videos and songs which they want to convert into mp3 but they do not know how to convert to mp3. Today i will give you a very easy process for converting videos, songs which are in  mp4 or in any other format to mp3. You will ...

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Dumplings recipe

Dumplings are one of the most delicious and loving dish in the world. People went to different restaurants and enjoy this lovely food but its taste is more better when you make it at home. If you want to make it at your home then you need its recipe. Now ...

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How to download youtube videos


Youtube is one of the top ranking websites in the world. People use it for watching different kind of videos and they like some videos which they wants to download. People wants to know how to download youtube videos. But it is not designed for users to download videos from ...

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how to remove bloatwares from smart phone

how to remove bloatwares

Sometimes  you have to face issues related to your android phone such as shortage of storage memory or slow speed of your phone and even sometimes your smart phone will hang up ,or sometime battery usage of your smart phone is too fast.the major reason of that problem is of ...

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