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how to remove bloatwares from smart phone

Sometimes  you have to face issues related to your android phone such as shortage of storage memory or slow speed of your phone and even sometimes your smart phone will hang up ,or sometime battery usage of your smart phone is too fast.the major reason of that problem is of bloatware problems.today i will tell you how to remove bloatwares from  smart phones but before that it is necessary to know that what is bloatware and how it  puts bad impact on your smart phone?


bloat wares are refers to those apps or softwares which are pre installed on your phone actually some of softwares which are  installed already on your smart phone and you usually not used them but however these softwares and apps will take memory and consumption of battery will also be fast by these extra  apps and softwares. but question is that how to remove bloatwares from   smart  phone.it is common fact that these apps are pre installed on user smart phones so smart phones companies does not allow user to uninstall these apps easily ,or in other words the smart phones companies obviously make certain arrangements to make sure that users should have no option to get rid of these pre installed softwares

how to remove bloatwares


A general and much easier method to remove bloatwares from  smart phones is to uninstall that specific app there is a option of uninstall on your smart phone so by using this uninstall option we can easily remove blotwares (which are extra softwares) from our smart phone.In some cases you can easily download these apps or software  again from your smartphone app store,but in rare cases we can not get these apps and softwares again ,so think before when you are going to remove that pre installed  software and apps.

how to remove blotware

uinstall 2


Slow speed of processor, shortage of storage and memory all of these problems are caused by the bloatwares. so how to remove bloatwares from smart phones this can simply be done by selecting  option of freezing in smart phones.     there is a option of freezing the  specific app in some smart phones. by freezing the specific app that app will not run in background ,so by freezing the app your smart phone will never face performance issues. and if you want to run the specific app again than there is also option of unfreezing.so by selecting the unfreeze option your app will run again.


how to remove bloatware

how to remove bloatwares


In case of android version smart phones there is a easy method to remove bloatwares from your phones. there is a option of disable the app, by selecting that option sometime the user get warning by operating system of smart phones but there is no need to worry about.when you disable the app than there is option of force stop and clear data  by selecting the force stop you will able to stop the app and by selecting clear data all data will cleared.


how to remove bloatwares

how to remove bloatwares


In some smart phones especially in android disabling any software or app is not so much easy because the smart phone companies have made better measurements to counter this, so that is why you will have to approach root system of your smart phone. many android phones have no build in root because of security and virus related issues.   in root method  you will have to go to settings than applications and than developer option.  by root access you can disable any of your unwanted app and you can also enable your firewall or other features etc. but  there is also a small problem ,the apps or software which requires user to access root system are hardly  to find on app store.whenever you have got approach to root system of your android phone keep in mind that any wrong step will put bad impact on your smart phone operating system.

how to remove bloatwares

how to remove bloatwares


whenever you  want to  uninstall or delete the  apps which are not useful than  it is necessary to make your backup.Because without creating backup deleting or disabling app may cause problems related to operating system you can also used backup creating app such as titanium backup root once the backup is created than there will be no difficulty of uninstalling any software or app.

how to remove bloatwares

how to remove bloatwares



you can also download app remover software from google play store or this may be available on your smart phone play store.this app remover software will remove the  specific app from your phone but it only work when your operating system will give permission to it.

how to remove bloatwares

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