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How To Lose Belly Fat

Everybody wants to look smart and beautiful and it depends a lot on weight of your body. Especially the belly fat is very worst looking thing in a human body. Not only this belly fat is also bad for health and if someone is having too much belly fat then it is an alarming situation for him because it effects the health badly. If you wants to reduce belly fat then read this blog and you will know How To Lose Belly Fat.

Firstly you should know about belly fat and that what is belly fat and why it is bad for health:


To Lose Belly Fat:

belly fat
belly fat


Belly fat can be estimated by measuring the area around your waist. You can easily measure it by a simple measuring tape. If men waist is above 40 inches approximately (102 cm) and for women if it is above 35 which is (88 cm) then it is called abdominal obesity. It is a natural thing that the fat in the belly area is always more than the other areas of the body. More belly fat is not good for health too. Due to it different diseases can take place. So, if you want to live a healthy life and want to know that How To Lose Belly Fat just read this blog. For a good result to lose belly fat you have to follow all the procedure given below.



Good Food Diet:

light food

If you want to know How To Lose Belly Fat then you have to simply make a good diet plan and i will tell you about that foods which burns the belly fat. For losing belly fat you have to make a promise with yourself that you will not eat any heavy foods and especially fast foods. The foods like meat, pizzas, burgers, the foods on which cheese is used, soft drinks and oily foods. These are the foods which are taking big amount of cholesterol which makes more human bodies fat. For losing belly fat fast you have to make sure that you did not eat any of these foods.

Now i will tell you about the foods which burns the belly fat and they are having rich in vitamins and they are good for humans body health. First thing is that the breakfast should be good, when anyone is going to lose weight fast they made a very tough diet plan like their breakfast is too light and then the rest of the day they feel hungry and weakness. In a good diet plan your breakfast must be good which gives you the power till the day and you din not feel weakness in the body. Don’t eat the heavy foods in breakfast like butter, meal, cheese and other foods like this. Firstly when you wake up in the morning drink 2 glasses of water daily and make this your routine. In breakfast take some fruits like apple or banana which gives power to body, eat bread and a egg in breakfast these foods lose the belly fat fast. After the breakfast if you feel hungry and there is more time remaining in lunch then you should take a very light food for just removing huger like sugar free biscuits or any fruit. Half an hour before lunch take a glass of water which will make your stomach full and you will eat less food. Try to eat more vegetables in your food because they remove the belly fat fast. Your dinner must be very lighter because in night a human body should eat less food for being safe from diseases. The foods which helps to lose belly fat are given below:



Olive oil

Whole grains                                         fuits






All fruits

All vegetables


Avoid the soft drinks and drink water:

Now a days we can see the different kinds of soft drinks in  the markets when we are feeling thirsty we drink these and less drink water. You should know that the water is the most helpful ingredient for losing belly fat. If you want to lose belly fat fast drink approximately 18 glasses of water a day and drink this in different times. When you will drink more water it removes the extra cholesterol from your body in the form of urine. The soft drinks and the beverages makes the weight gain more and also they are harmful for human body. If you want to lose belly fat then you have to do all these tips and procedure in your life.





Sleep less :

For losing belly fat it is important that a human body should sleep less and try to busy in different physical activities. A normal human body should sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. Due to over sleep belly fat increases because your body is not working and lying on the bed for long time is not good for health. When a body sleeps less and then it is busy in different physical activities then it is good for losing belly fat.

Exercise and games:


belly fat

The best and most important tip for losing belly fat is doing exercise and playing physical games. Exercises are very important for every human beings and for heavy weight people it is compulsory to do exercises daily. Due to exercises a big amount of fat burns. If you don’t like to do exercise then you can play physical games which you likes more. The people who wants to know how to lose belly fat then they have to do exercises or play physical games daily because exercises and games makes a human body fit and lose a big amount of stamina. When a human body is busy in doing exercises or playing physical games then human body heats up and due to heating up the body loses a huge amount of stamina. Here i am going to give a list of games which are very helpful for losing belly fat and also makes your body fit.

Horse riding

Not only these games, you can play other games in which your body is physically involved like running o jumping and making  the body heating up.


Dancing :

If you wants to lose belly fat and you love to dance then it is a great news for you that you can lose belly fat by dancing. In dancing the human body is involved physically due to which belly fat is loses. Especially fast dances like break dance and other dances which are fast are helpful to lose belly fat.



Walking daily:



To lose belly fat it is very important to walk at least for 45 min daily and try to walk fast. A very important tip to lose belly fat is that after every meal you should walk for 10 to 15 min approximately. It is because when we eat meal and we lie down or we did not walk then the food in our stomach is not being digested and it makes belly fat. Make your habit to walk after every meal. Also walk for at least 45 min daily and the method for a good walk which can lose belly fat is that when you start walking don’t walk fast in start. First you should walk slowly for 5 minutes then start walking fast for next 5 minutes then suddenly slow down and walk slowly for next 5 minutes and carry on this technique. This technique is very helpful to lose belly fat.

If you want to lose belly fat then you must do all the things described above and you can lose a huge amount of belly fat. For more blogs and articles about anything log on to our website Guesshowto.com


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  1. Hey there, What are your comments about The Mayo Clinic Diet ? I have got it form this website and http://cl1ck.website/2ajnklW I have been using it for couple of days . They say you can lose upto 10 pounds however i have lost almost 6 pounds in a week of using it , What are your thoughts about it ?

    • Hi there, if you have lost 6 pounds then it is a good achievement. I have checked the link above about mayo clinic diet and i will give you advise that to carry on this diet plan but i think that there should be more time for exercises and the foods like pizza and other foods which have more fat in it should not be in the diet plan. If you eat more vegetables and do more exercise you will lose more weight.

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