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How to signout from gmail on android phone

Now a days majorities of people are having a gmail account. In android mobiles and smartphones this  account is must. Whenever you are using a new mobile or any smartphone you are first asked to login to your  account. Everyone knows how to sign in to g mail, it is a very easy and simple process but most of people are having trouble to sign out from g mail . Mostly people do not know how to sigout from gmail. Today i will show you a simple process how to signout from gmail. This is different process for different phones for signing out, i will give below some of these processes.



How to signout from gmail:

The most easy and simple process for signing out from g mail is that if you want to signout from gmail then you should use PC or laptop for it. On PC and laptop this is very easy for signing out but on mobiles and smart phones it is quite difficult to sign out. It depends on the phone which you use because signing out process is different for different phones. I will give you some of the processes which will help you to sign out from gmail.

Signing out from gmail on mobile:

For signing out on mobile there are to processes:

  1. Remove account from mobile
  2. sign in to another account

1. Remove account :

For signing out the best process is to remove the account. For removing the gmail account on your mobile you should go to settings and find an option Accounts. This option is in different places in different mobiles so you have to find it. This options Accounts is mostly in settings but in some phones they are in other places. Once you find this option just go to this options open it and then you will find another option there written as Remove accounts. Now click on this option and your account will be removed from your phone and you will be signed out. Remove accounts does not means that it will finish your account. It will only remove your account from your phone and you will  be automatically signed out from the other apps on which you have signed in with this app.

2.Sign in to another account:

The second option for signing out from gmail is to sign in to another account. For signing in to another account follow the process given below.

For signing in to another account you have to first go to accounts option and then you will find there an option written as Add account . Open this option and add another account and you will be automatically signed out from your account.

This was the easy process for signing out from Gmail for more blogs and posts about anything logon to my website www.guesshowto.com

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