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How to download youtube videos

youtube videos

Youtube is one of the top ranking websites in the world. People use it for watching different kind of videos and they like some videos which they wants to download. People wants to know how to download youtube videos. But it is not designed for users to download videos from it. Still youtube videos can be downloaded very easily. In this article you will find the simplest and very easy process of downloading youtube videos. I will give here a easy process with some pictures to understand how to download videos from youtube.


How to download youtube videos:

To download a youtube video you should firstly open it.Now open the video which you wants to download as shown in the picture below.

video opening

After opening the video on the top of the screen you will find the link of that video, copy that link as shown in the picture below.

copy link
copy link

Now open another window and search for Keepvid.com shown in the picture.


Now you will see there a space available there for the links . Paste the link there as shown in the picture below


After pasting the link there click the download button. Now you will be asked to choose any format of video in which you want to download. picture below showing this process

download option

Choose any video format in which you want to download the video and click there. Your  video will start downloading now. This is the most easy process of downloading videos. You can download  videos both on PC and smartphones by doing the same procedure. You can also download videos from other sites by this procedure. Just copy the video link and paste it on keepvid.com and download it.

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